Distribution and Importation Company improves efficiency and decision making with more sophisticated reporting

The UK’s leading canned fish brand increased productivity by 200% by using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


MW Brands


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MW Brands

Distribution and Importation Company improves efficiency and decision making

The Business Need/Challenge

When MW Brands broke away from the H.J. Heinz Company, they inherited a dated and expensive IT infrastructure. The existing systems were unable to support their supply chain requirements or future plans for expansion. In order to remain profitable and competitive, there was an immediate need for a more affordable ERP solution.

The Solution

MW Brands, broke from the norm of other leading corporations and avoided the temptation to buy a large-scale ERP, the size and complexity of which would have involved heavy cap-ex and ongoing future investment, posing a potential risk for the size of the company they had acquired. The new system needed to be cost-effective but still capable of maintaining a high level of service to customers. It also had to provide more flexibility, respond faster to increased productivity, and integrate with existing systems. 

MW Brands went through a rigorous ERP selection process before selecting Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Evo-Soft as the core ERP system.

The Benefits

Reducing risks and costs

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, MW Brands experienced a significant reduction in the cost of ownership of their new ERP. The cost of implementing, supporting and maintaining their new solution was far less than that of a Tier 1 ERP system, posing less of a risk to the company.

Increasing productivity

NAV helped increase productivity by 200% when dealing with customer requests, due to improved efficiency, and better decision making as a result of more sophisticated reporting.

Enabling growth

With NAV, MW Brand were able to move their business to the next level of growth, replacing the dependency on the legacy system they had inherited from the previous owners.

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